What does PRE-ORDER mean?   We know how fast on trend pottery sells and we wanted everyone to have a chance to have one of these gems!    When you pre-order you have secured your Gnome with light-up hat and it will be yours to purchase upon arrival.     


Gnomes With Light- Up Hats are huge at 13.5" Tall and 8.25" Wide! Our expected shipment is Mid October,  plenty of time to paint before the holidays!   Purchase price is Cost minus Depost!  $70 (glased) or 56 (Acrylic) and must be paid 3 weeks after arrival.    


You may take home to paint or paint in our studio during any hours we are open!


If you choose to take home,  Glazed paint is non-toxic, cleans easily and does not stain.  Glazed Painted Pottery will need to be returned to Paintin' Pottery and  we will Glaze & Kiln Fire your piece.   Fired Pieces will be packaged up and we will reach out to you for pick-up. Fired projects will be non-toxic, you may eat off of it and is easily washable.      Colors will be picked when purchasing.


If you choose to use acrylic.     You paint your piece with our Acrylic paint assortment and it is finished! No return! Paint is non-toxic and will stain. Paint in a well protected area and protect your clothing from paint. Paint is water based and washable. Wash your hands throughly when finished! Kit includes Brushes!

PRE-ORDER Gnome with Light Up Tree Hat-


  • 13.5"Tall x 8.25" Wide