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“Can I eat off the pottery/put it in the microwave/is it Dishwasher safe?”

Yes to it all. BUUUUUUT If you treat your pottery like fine china it will last much longer!! Microwaving and putting in the dishwasher will start to put cracks in the glaze, once this happens it will not be food safe. Hand made, hand wash is best.


“Do I need to make a reservation?”

No reservations needed! Walk-in anytime we are open to create your art! Check out our hours of operation!

**Please reserve a Birthday party or special event two weeks in advance (or as soon as possible) so we can plan for extra space and hostess!


“Can I bring food and beverage?”

You can bring in food and drink. Food/Drink fee applies.  $4 per person for carry-ins.


“When do we pay?”

You pay upon your initial visit


“How long before I get my pottery piece back ?”

Pottery Pick-ups usually are 3-7 days. If you are needing your piece by a certain date, let us know because we will try our best to get it to you!  Of course pottery can be difficult 1% of the time and may need another firing! We take your name and number on your visit so we can give you a holler to let you know when it is ready for pickup!


“When did you open?”

We opened the doors February 2002!   We are the original Paint-your-own pottery studio in Wisconsin! We LOVE every minute of it


“Are you (Carolyn) and Diana Sisters?”

This is awesome because Diana is beautiful, smart and talented! We are not biological sisters…..Carolyn


“Do you get to paint all day?”

No, there is way way way lots of work to be done, but one day I will master this plan so paintin’ everyday is made possible!


“What do you like best?”

From the bottom of my heart, All the awesome people I met each day, some are super talented and some are just super at being human! Also the Keepsake pieces!


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