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Glass Fusing

We have plenty of bright beautiful colors for you to make that one of a kind creation.  We also have a few samples that you can recreate.

Do we have you a little curious?

We will give you basic instructions on cutting and nipping glass. We allow children 12 years and older to cut and nip. We offer square and round glass which can be fused a second time into a functional bowl or plate.

How its done:

1.  Choose Size  4", 6", 8" or 10" Form

2.  Shape?  Square or Round

3.  Decide on a design

4.  Pick colors and shapes of cut glass

5.  Glue pieces to form.

6.  We Fire your project in our kiln

7.  We can fire your piece again, If you would like funtional bowl or plate

*Kids 6-11 must be accompanied by adult.  Kids under 6 will not be allowed near the glass fusing area.

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